Call me Lee Jane or Zhen (甄) I have been a devoted wire/metal artist since 2010.  I envision to create signature jewellery, art objects and sculptures  with wire.

Being a Chinese Singaporean, my style is largely influenced by my oriental heritage. All wires used here are quality wires made with tarnish-resistant alloy, and hypoallergic, that will last with minimum cleaning.  

I started working on jewellery to learn about the intricacies of wire manipulation and metal work, and included bigger objects over the years. Applying these fine weaving techniques on larger items refine the overall look and feel. 


My work is available here or private viewing. Make an appointment with me. For enquiries/commission, contact me at


Ladies Expo

2014 Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

(September 25th-28 2014)


Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

2020 SSS Annual Show - Wisdom in Retrospect.

(November 02-08, 2020)

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

2021 SSS 20th Anniversary Show - re-THINGing Sculpture Exhibition in Singapore 2021.

(August 5-15, 2021)


Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

2022 SSS 21th Anniversary Show - ReKindle 重新点燃 Sculpture Exhibition in Singapore 2022.

(September 15-19, 2022)